Influence of Height on Risk and Outcome of Patients with Early Breast Cancer: A Pooled Analysis of 4,925 Patients from 5 Randomized Trials of the Austrian Breast and Colorectal Cancer Study Group (ABCSG).

Gampenrieder, SP; Pircher, M; Fesl, C; Rinnerthaler, G; Mlineritsch, B; Greil-Ressler, S; Steger, GG; Sagaster, V; Fitzal, F; Exner, R; Devyatko, Y; Balic, M; Stoger, H; Suppan, C; Bauernhofer, T; Singer, CF; Pfeiler, G; Seifert, M; Helfgott, R; Heck, D; Rumpold, H; Kwasny, W; Wieder, U; Gnant, M; Greil, R.