Our research focus

The LIMCR (Laboratory for Immunological and Molecular Cancer Research), which is integrated in the Third Medical Department of the Paracelsus Medical University Hospital Salzburg, was established by Prof. Richard Greil in 2005. The main focus of the laboratory is the research on leukemia with a specialization on chronic lymphatic leukemia (CLL), myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and acut myeloid leukemia (AML).

The mission of our laboratory and the Third Medical Department is to implement systematically, and as quickly as possible, knowledge gained from translational and basic scientific research in medical practice and thereby offering patient-oriented and tailored therapy. As a consequence, the LIMCR maintains a close connection with the Clinical Trial Center and the Everyday Clinical Practice to ensure maximum synergy and efficacy in cancer research.


Through translational und international competitive research our team of medical scientists and biologists contributes to a better understanding of current therapeutic concepts and the development of novel treatment strategies.


In 2014 we founded together with the Paris Lodron University Salzburg (PLUS) the “Cancer Cluster Salzburg“(CCS), a network to strengthen collaboration and synergism in cancer research in Salzburg. For more details visit our CCS Homepage: www.cancercluster-salzburg.at

Furthermore our annual International CLL Workshop provides an update of the most recent insights into basic and clinical aspects of this disease. More information can be found on our CLL Workshop homepage: www.cancercluster-salzburg.at


Group Egle

Murine-Lymphoma Models

Group leader: PD Dr. Alexander Egle

“The complexity of the disease can be mimicked in the murine model. In this system we are analyzing the effect of novel therapy concepts and the communication of leukemic cell with the immune system.”

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Group Geisberger

Tumor immunology

Group leader: Dr. Roland Geisberger

“Leukemic cells benefit from deactivating other immune cells. We study the underlying mechanisms and search for ways to reactivate the immune system to combat leukemia.”

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Group Hartmann


External group leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tanja Hartmann

"Leukemia cells are strongly dependent on the lymphoid tumor microenvironment, where they receive proliferative and pro-survival signals. We are interested in how CLL cells localize adjacent to these supportive signals."

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Group Pleyer

Myeloid Neoplasias

Group leader: PD Dr. DI Lisa Pleyer

“Our aim is to better understand how we can use targeted immune therapies to help the body to eliminate myeloid cancer cells”

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