Within these Cooperations a close teamwork between the clinics of our 3rd Medicine department and the Laboratory for Immunological and Molecular Cancer Research is practiced.
For some years it is known that the genesis of cancer is regulated by small ribonucleic acid fragments, so-called microRNAs. As these molecules can easily be traced in human tissue, blood and serum they can serve as valuable biomarkers. The expression of these candidates can correlate with different tumors and the prediction of therapy outcome.
In our lab we have the technique to survey the expression of all known microRNAs in one step and thereby identify single candidates which associate with tumor growth.
Besides CLL we also investigate the roles of miRNAs in Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL), breast cancer and pancreatic tumors.


Cooperations with:

Formerly Frank Hamacher, Dipl. Biochem.

Dr. Simon Gampenrieder

Dr. Gabriel Rinnerthaler

Clemens Hufnagl, MSc

„Small nucleic fragments, so-called microRNAs, influence the genesis and the spreading of practically all cancers. By investigating the whole gene expression patterns of these candidates we get an idea how to use them as therapeutic biomarkers in the future.“